What we have and what is left

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To begin with, we work very little during week, since we have other responsibilities.
That makes it really difficult to achieve goals we set for ourselves, even though they might seem easy to complete.
What is more, every programmer that had to make breaks knows how difficult it can be to figure out your own code 😀
Here's summary of what has been completed so far :

  • spawning units
  • rhythm recognition
  • dealing and taking damage
  • rewards
  • fruits mechanics
  • leveling up

  • First units of each type, as well for enemies
  • First set of head-mounts /wings
  • Level design
  • Tree design
  • Main menu and Stuks Shop interfaces
  • Game name and logo

  • Saving progress of our work
  • Todoist and Notion workflow (I will prepare post about that soon)
  • Version control setup
  • Graphics design workflow (from paper to Unity)

  • Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Itch.io accounts are ready
  • Created Discord channel

Here's what is left, we will represent it as road-map as well:

  • Game balance
  • In game tutorial
  • Area effect attack mechanic
  • Trees as scriptable objects

  • Animations
  • Effects for "juice"
  • Some art color pallets balance
  • Art for new worlds
  • Prepare game-play trailer

  • Workflow for recording our work outside PC
  • Marketing content needs more organisation
  • Find automation for future

  • Design our team website
  • Work out our style in media
  • Get in touch with some journalists
  • Attend game design conference x2

Contact us on our Discord Server

In private life, we create a family.
At work, we are like a small manufacturer of creativity.
Our passions bring interesting challenges, that we’re not afraid to take.
We’re like yin and yang, that’s why we see no limits.

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