StukuPuku trailer and 2019 update

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2019 - back to design

It was pretty interesting period in my life, so I had to stop development for few months. Many things layered for this decision but since there was nothing forcing me to put time into my game, it went to back log of my projects. Now finally I’m back and the game is pretty much finished. 
Here’s list of updates if someone is interested : 

  • Removed player leveling totally, now player progress as he completes levels and worlds, and as he unlocks new Stuks/fruits.
  • Added 4th type of Stuks, which can heal or attack 3 Stuks/Puks in front of them
  • Added new mechanic for fruits, now you can buy multiple and each use uses one of them, so they work like potions.

  • Updated level selector UI
  • Added new Stuks - 4th type of them, called Special Stuks
  • Added new world graphics

  • Changed from Nozbe to ClickUp to manage my tasks 
  • New video editing application - Pinnacle Studio
  • Working now on MSI Laptop

  • Limiting my marketing actions to Twitter & Instagram.
  • Focus is put into website development and constant flow of blog posts - one per week.
  • Twitter schedule - 1 post everyday
  • Instagram schedule - 1 video every week (with blog post) 

Testing and launch

I plan to launch StukuPuku on December, still some balancing work is left plus I will try to implement simple advertisement setup so users can watch video to get more Seeds (in game currency). 
If you want to be Beta tester please let me know using form below. Your email will be used only to send you link for GooglePlay beta version. You can reach out on Discord as well, or any other medium. 

Get the demo

When ready, I will send you link to Google Play Beta version of StukuPuku.
Your Email will be used only for that purpose!
Contact us on our Discord Server

In private life, we create a family.
At work, we are like a small manufacturer of creativity.
Our passions bring interesting challenges, that we’re not afraid to take.
We’re like yin and yang, that’s why we see no limits.

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