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This time we want to present core game mechanics we implemented in StukuPuku. 

There are two sides that battle each other, just like in tug-of-war game. The first who overcomes another – wins. In the StukuPuku we illustrate each player as the Mother Tree. 

During game play, the Player can see (by visual representation) and hear the Rhythm – that’s  the Rhythm of the Nature. Any input from the Player will be accepted only if he hits the rhythm.

To spawn creatures Player needs to input correct sequences of colors. Each sequence is between 2 and 6 elements. After few successful spawns, creature will level up, what gives it more power but makes it more difficult to spawn.

Player has up to 4 types of creatures (called Stuks) to choose from during game play. They differ in some abilities, for example one can attack only 1 enemy in front, while other can attack enemy from distance.

After defeating enemies, Player gain points, represented as the Seeds. The Seeds are later used to unlock new Stuks that are more powerful or buy the Fruits in the Fruits Shop. You can see plenty of the Seeds cheerfully spawning below. 

That’s all regarding core mechanics. We have also one side mechanic that will be used to give the Player something to wait for, in between hitting the Rhythm : the Fruits!

Fruits are similar to power-ups and potions in other games, so you have certain amount of them, and they are consumed. What is different is the fact that you need to wait for fruit to grow (actually that’s regeneration mechanic:P ). Then after Player presses the ripe Fruit it pops, and its effect is applied.

We have fruits that have different effects, below are a few of them:

  • Damages few enemies
  • Heals player
  • Gives X points (Seeds) each “pop”
  • More to come 🙂 …

To buy fruits Player will use Seeds as well. There will be more possibilities to achieve some fruits in future.

Thanks and please follow us if you’re interested in more! 

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Our passions bring interesting challenges, that we’re not afraid to take.
We’re like yin and yang, that’s why we see no limits.

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