Stukupuku Main update.

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Game development progress is slow, but its not still. 
I’m listing updates made in few last months. Of course I did more but I didn’t want to get too specific at this point. 

  • Fruits shop is finished
  • Added fruits amount, so now you have limited amount of fruits to use in game. New fruits can be bought in the shop
  • New scriptable objects for Fruits and Trees
  • Balanced level gaps, HP, ATK, rewards, exp, score, and attacks speeds of all ingame elements

  • 3 Stuks are available for each Type(Close/Ranged/Area)
  • updated Stuks Shop with new icons and info
  • Fruits shop has totally new design
  • Added second world variation
  • Updated look of the levels 
  • Added enemies (Puks) in 6 variations
  • New UI for pause menu
  • New UI for win menu
  • Added particle effects and more animations
  • ingame Healthbars added for each player

  • Switched task app to Nozbe 
  • Version control setup is ready and working
  • Graphics design workflow updated to keep better colors after scans
  • Workflow setup for Instagram videos ready in Vegas Pro 14.

  • Website is ready for blog, devlog and portfolio
  • Over 100 followers on Twitter
  • Over 50 followers on Instagram
  • bought Tickets for Digital Dragons conference 

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At work, we are like a small manufacturer of creativity.
Our passions bring interesting challenges, that we’re not afraid to take.
We’re like yin and yang, that’s why we see no limits.

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