Our goals and main inspirations

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StukuPuku is supposed to be small game connecting two casual type genres : Tug-of-war and rhythm genres.
Our main game mechanics inspirations were:

Main goals, regarding game mechanics part:

  • Simple mechanics
  • Simple controls – max 2 buttons
  • Some possibility to easily add new content
  • Rhythm must be crucial
  • Something to keep good player retention and attention

Our goals regarding workflow part:

  • Figuring out what processes we can automate 
  • Designing workflow pipeline for part of game that will be extended (shops etc.)
  • Keeping it simple because of lack of time we have

Goals regarding design part:

  • Unique graphics
  • Keeping all things consistent
  • Non digital way of creation, just to stay away of PC for some time:)

Goals in marketing matter:

  • Testing out as many media as we can at the beginning
  • Finding our style
  • Good workflow for posts creation
  • Habit of recording our work for future use
  • Building players hub (100 minimum)
Contact us on our Discord Server

In private life, we create a family.
At work, we are like a small manufacturer of creativity.
Our passions bring interesting challenges, that we’re not afraid to take.
We’re like yin and yang, that’s why we see no limits.

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