Little Sheep Adventure – new game announcement!

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When your kids began to be your inspiration

Recently I’ve finished my daily challenge. It was all about making one art every day, and I’ve selected the Unity game engine to make daily short videos. 
One day I came up with an idea to make a game for my little daughter. 
It’s available on the Google Play Store and its completely free. 
Basic idea was to make a game that doesn’t require side jumps, and you can play it with just one button at a time. 
To make each level challenging for older players, I’ve added time run.
You can download the game on Google Play or play it in the browser on my page. 

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In private life, we create a family.
At work, we are like a small manufacturer of creativity.
Our passions bring interesting challenges, that we’re not afraid to take.
We’re like yin and yang, that’s why we see no limits.

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